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Discussion forum also in English 1.4.2013 13:18 / HirviMikko

Our discussion forum has an English section, so feel free to register in and start a new topic. [url:3n339cvc]http://www.yccf.fi/en/discussion.htm[/url:3n339cvc]

How to reach Finland by boat 9.3.2013 12:04 / HirviMikko

[b:2y29mds8]To arrive by boat to Finland there are five possible destination cities: Helsinki, Turku, Naantali, Kustavi and Vaasa.[/b:2y29mds8] Helsinki No sense to take a ferry from Sweden to Helsinki: It is quite a long distance between Stockholm and Helsinki, and it is also the longest way to ride from Helsinki to Yyteri. So, if you take a ferry from Stockholm area then better destination cities in Finland are Turku and Naantali. If you take a ferry from Estonia (Tallinna), Poland (Gdansk) or Germany (Rostock or Travemünde), then there is only one destination city: Helsinki. See: http://www.vikingline.com (in 8 different languages), http://www.tallinksilja.com (in 17 different languages)), http://www.finnlines.com (in English, suomeksi, auf Deutsch, på svenska, po polska) and http://www.eckeroline.fi (in English, suomeksi, på svenska, Eesti keel). Turku and Naantali Turku and Naantali are neighbours; distance between Naantali-Yyteri and Turku-Yyteri is about the same: Naantali-Yyteri is only couple of kilometers shorter. So take a ferry which best fits your timetable. If you come to Naantali, then you do not need to ride through any city or motorway at all.[Read more] Ferry company arriving to Naantali is named: Finnlines. Ferry companies arriving to Turku are named: Vikingline and Tallink (which is also called Siljaline). Finnlines travels always include lunch or dinner and breakfast. See: http://www.vikingline.com (in 8 different languages), http://www.tallinksilja.com (in 17 different languages)), http://www.finnlines.com (in English, suomeksi, auf Deutsch, på svenska, po polska). Kustavi It is also possible to take a ferry from Grissleham (which is located 114 km north from Stockholm) to Ahvenanmaa, which is big island between Sweden and Finland. Then you can ride through this island, and take another ferry (from the city named Maarianhamina) to Turku or to Naantali. OR, you take couple of little ferries which can carry cars and motorcycles between many little islands until you reach the continent in little town named Kustavi. From Kustavi you can ride to Yyteri. Because this is more like an adventure, and needs more investigation I am not talking about it here. Ask in the discussion forum if you need more information about this. See: http://www.eckerolinjen.fi (suomeksi, in English, på svenska). Vaasa Vaasa in Finland and Umeå in Sweden are quite close to each other – just four hours by ferry. From Vaasa it takes about 200 km to ride to Yyteri. So from the middle part of Sweden or Norway this is the shortest (by time and by kilometers) and cheapest (35 euros per person, 30 euros per bike) way to arrive in Yyteri. See: http://www.vasabatarna.fi pages in English, Finnish, and Swedish. When riding from Vaasa to Yyteri, remember that you do not ride until Pori city. After riding the road number 8 about 190 km from Vaasa, turn right, the road number is 272. This little road by the sea feels quite nice after riding boring 8-road. See these webpages: http://www.directferries.com. You get info about all the ferries IN 20 DIFFERENT LANGUAGES in one web address. Although it is good to visit the web pages mentioned above and get tickets directly from those ship companies.

Yyteri rally flyer 28.1.2013 22:27 / Administrator

[b:36r9w957]VSOC International Rally 6th to 9th June 2013 in Finland.[/b:36r9w957] The rally flyer has been announced. See the link ([url:36r9w957]http://www.yccf.fi/en/2013/yyteriflyer1280.jpg[/url:36r9w957]).

About English pages 4.1.2013 19:06 / HirviMikko

English pages are not updated very often, so visit also the Finnish pages and see the difference. If you think that there is very important information missing from the English pages, please send feedback to the webmaster. You can find e-mail addresses by clicking "Contact" from the top menu. You can also communicate with others by using the discussion forum.

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Dates to remember

17.3. Etelän talvirieha, Vantaa
28.4. Start of season, Humppila
1.5. Idän avaus, Rantasalmi
18.-20.5. EAK, Joutsa
25.-27.5. Toukoajot, Riihimäki
7.-10.6. International Rally, Danmark
3.-6.7. Governor tour, North Finland
20.7. EAK, Jurva
20.-22.7. Länkkäriajo, Valkeakoski

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